Monday, August 30, 2010

Going home..

tomorrow, Cow-town aka Calgary, Alberta that is. Not my favorite place, but some of my favorite people live there. Super excited to see my family which I havn't seen since Krysti and Brent got hitched in Mexico last October.. Most beautiful couple in the word, so lucky to have them in my life. tear. See you manana loves!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Checked out the new TWS Gear guide today. Found this wet Holden Ad amongst the pages.
We did a camping trip down in Northern Oregon in May for the campaign. So fun. Good memories. Lovin' the Oregonians' land these days. Might even have to back this weekend. Thanks Mikey Leblanc for the plug and the crew for your time...

check out holden for some fine outwear

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dustin Craven

Capita Ad and poster from last season. Thanks Blue!! They made my favorite board last year..seriously. big fan here. Love u D-man.

New cover!!

hyped on this one!!! Hell yea, Rube Goldberg.
Thanks Chris Owen and everyone at Snowboard Mag for all your support.
Make sure you buy the mag when it comes out in September.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SBC 24/36 contest

Snowboard Canada has been doing this contest called 24/36 for many years now. The rules have changed a bit over the years, but they always pick a random my months in advance and within that 24 hour period you can shoot 1 roll of film and you pick your fav 5. Here's my fav from the winter 2010 issue. This is the third year I have entered and second time to get best overall!! Thanks to the boarders for participating and hard work: Kevin Griffin, Andrew Geeves, Nash Lajeunesse, Jake Kuzyk, Meghann O'brien.. and Andrew Burns, Leanne Pelosi, Jeff Keenan and Mikey Pederson. Love you guys!!
Thanks Dano and Gallup for the kind words and judging and SBC for putting on the contest.


It's so easy to get good photos when you got talented people like LNP to work with.. this Ad is from our trip to Japan March 2010.

Check out Elm for quality apparel


Did a shoot in Portland last week with Mikey Leblanc, Louif Paradis and Jake Kuzyk. This video pretty much sums up what it's all about. Hilarious.